August 29, 2019
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Leticia Banegas is a female Honduran Artist. She is passionate about her work and She tries to outdo herself with each painting she create.

She always loved painting, it was always a passion for her. But She had to have a “Real Job” so for many years painting was left aside as a hobby. In 2012 She decided to take the plunge. She had been changing jobs a lot because She get easily bored and frustrated; that made her feel guilty, sad and She felt like she was the one with a problem. It was at that point that she knew she had to do something or she would become bitter. So she stoppped postponing it and started doing what she loved. It was scary at first, because she had children that depended on her, but her husband was a great support in making her decision, and in the end it was the best decision she ever made. She is so happy now, every day is a blessing for her since she paint full time.

She sees her work as the portrayal of a world that exists somewhere between heaven and earth. When She paint she sees these women, she sees them walking like if underwater with their hair flowing in slow motion. They exist, she sees them. It is a magical realm that most of us can´t see but that doesn´t mean it doesn´t exist.

What inspires her is the women in her family through generations. Their stories are so rich, complex and some of them are almost surreal. She try to create a "world" populated by the magical presence of these women. She also like to work with female archetypes, representing them with her personal stamp.