August 29, 2019
November 6, 2018
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José Ruiz was born in Tegucigalpa Honduras 1973, he did not finish his studies because the passion for art was stronger than anything else, He is a self-taught artist. Before he started to paint his sister and he had a framing shop, his sister’s husband was a famous sculptor at the time and he learned lots from him.

Around 2000 he was encouraged by an artist friend to start doing his own painting.

Now José Ruiz is a Plastic Artist Muralist & Sculptor had exhibits in Honduras, Nicaragua, New York, New Orleans, Florida, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, France and Italy.

His Techniques are Acrylic on canvas Resin pouring Acrylic Mixed Media Pastels & Oil Paint Terracotta Sculpture Aluminum & Resin. Modern art with Minimalism & Pop art influences, which create pieces with simple forms & plan metric figures enriched by color, creating compositions with few elements as its main goal and a theme taken from both the Old Testament and New Testament as supporting point to the theory “LESS IS MORE.”

During the creative process, he seeks tirelessly to create a dialogue between the spectator and the composition through a language of indescribable emotions, sensations, and feelings which allow the spectator to be the artist in each piece he has created. This is based on a personal thought that every piece, once it has left his creative space, ceases to his and becomes the spectator’s piece.